PTFE Sleeves

The PTFE Sleeves offered by us is well-known for its extreme endurance of temperature. The PTFE Electrical Sleeves of our company is manufactured using the latest technology which ensures non-flammability and High Dielectric strength. The PTFE Insulated Sleeves are well-marked for their brilliant anti-stick properties, which prevents the building up of sediments and fungus. Moreover, these are very much hydro-phobic and shed water almost properly. We are a reliable Manufacturer and among the major Suppliers of premium quality PTFE Sleeves.

Few advantages of PTFE Insulation are as follows:

  • Extremely stable at high temperatures and can be used continuously at –65°C to +250°C.
  • Non-Flammable

  • High Dielectric strength
  • Virtually inert to almost known chemicals, UV radiation, oils, solvents and fluxes
  • Excellent anti-stick properties prevents the build up of sediments, and fungus
  • Biocompatible
  • Extremely hydro-phobic and sheds water almost totally

Applications of PTFE Sleevings and Tubings:

  • Radars, Satellites and other defense electronics equipments
  • Due to high temperature proximity widely used for heater interconnections
  • Insulating cover for electrical joints, Motor winding leads and Transformer winding leads
  • Protective cover over electrical leads in Air-conditioning sealed units
  • RF Signal transmission, antennas
  • For branching leads in harness/cable assembly
  • In communications, control Instruments and professional electronics
  • As carriers for corrosive, high viscosity chemicals or fluids, also under high pressure and temperature
  • As protective cover over hoses for injection moulding machines
  • Hoses (with or without stainless steel wire braid) for hydraulic/pneumatic applications
  • As capillaries for medical application
  • Temperature sensors, Automobiles etc.

Technical Details
Dielectric Breakdown:

Lengthwise shrinkage after 2 Hours at 300°C : 1% Max.

Wall thickness Volts (AC RMS)
0.25MM 11,500
0.30MM 14,600
0.40MM 16,300
16,300 17,000

Datasheets: S. I.D. (MM) Wall Thickness (MM)

I.D. (MM) Wall Thickness (MM)
Nominal Tolerance Nominal Tolerance
0.50 +0.10 0.25 +0.05
1.00 +0.10 0.25 +0.05
1.50 +0.15 0.25 +0.08
2.00 +0.15 0.30 +0.08
2.00 +0.15 0.30 +0.08
3.00 +0.15 0.35 +0.08
4.00 +0.20 0.40 +0.08
5.00 +0.20 0.50 0.10
6.00 +0.30 0.50 0.10
7.00 +0.30 0.50 0.10
8.00 +0.30 0.50 0.10
9.00 +0.30 0.50 0.10
Note: Sizes other then above table can also be Manufactured as per customer requirement. We also manufacture Sleevings with Fiber Glass/ Polyester Braiding for special applications.

Ordering Information:
Please specify nominal ID, wall thickness and colour.

Standard Packaging:
  • Upto 3.5 mm ID: 50/100 Mtr coils, 1-4 meters nominal, random lengths.

  • 4 mm or larger ID: 25/50 Mtr straight bundles, 1 meter nominal, random lengths.

  • Cut lengths: Pieces cut to specified lengths also available.

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