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Twin Conductor Heating Cable

Twin Conductor Heating Cable

We make Insulated Twin Conductor heating cables, these Heating cables are becoming very popular among Floor Heating installers because of cold tails at only single end which makes their installation very easy and fast to make connection to junction box.


Cable Properties Twin conductor Screened : 5.00MM
Wattage 150W to 3000W
Voltage 230V
Watt Per Mtr. 10W/M to 30W/M
Cold Tail Length 1 X 3M PVC
Inner Conductor Insulation PTFE, FEP or ETFE
Screening Bare Copper Braid or Drain wire with Aluminum Foil
Outer Jacket Insulation PVC
Outer Diameter of Cable Approx. 4.50mm
Tolerance Ohmic range -5% to +10%
Packing Long Length or Pre Cut Lengths in coils or reels

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 500 Meter