Thermocouple Wire Types

Posted by Admin on July, 02, 2012

The various Insulated Wires and Cables Manufacturers have brought many different types of products in the markets such as the Instrumentation Cables, PTFE Multicore Cables, Heating Wires, Fiberglass Insulated Cables and Insulated Thermocouple Cables. All these wires and cables are widely used in the various industries for many different purposes. For instance, the Thermocouple Cables or the Thermocouples are used whenever the temperature that is to be maintained is different from the surrounding temperatures. The Thermocouple Cables are used very often as Thermopiles, which is the combination of the various Thermocouple Cables in series or parallel arrangement. Some of the other important things about the Thermocouple Cables are as follows:

  • They are used to measure as well as control very wide temperature ranges.
  • They are made of different alloys. The choice of the alloys has a substantial bearing on the physical properties of the Thermocouple Cable itself.

The classification of the Thermocopule Cables is done in accordance with various properties they possess. The Thermocouple Cables are classified on the basis of their material, magnetic properties and temperature ranges.

  • Type K: - A general purpose Thermocouple Cable made of Chromel-Alumel alloy. It has a temperature range of -200 to 1350 degrees Celsius and is magnetic.
  • Type E: - Another general purpose Thermocouple Cable made of Chromel-Constantan. It has a temperature range of -40 to 900 degrees Celsius and is non-magnetic. It is suitable for cryogenic use.
  • Type J: - It is yet another general purpose Thermocouple Cable made of Iron-Constantan. It has a temperature range of -40 to 750 degrees Celsius and is highly sensitive.
  • Type N: - A standard type Thermocouple Cable made of Nicosil-Nisil. It has temperature ranges of over 1200 degrees Celsius.
  • Type B: - A low-sensitivity Thermocouple Cable made of Platinum-Rhodium. It has a temperature range of 0 to 1800 degrees Celsius.
  • Type R and S: - Low-sensitivity Thermocouple Cables made of Platinum-Rhodium. They have a temperature range of 1600 degrees Celsius.
  • Type T: - A non-magnetic Thermocouple Cable made of Copper-Constantum. It has a temperature range of -200 to 350 degrees Celsius.
  • Type C: - Made of Tungsten And Rhenium. It has a wide temperature range of 0 to 2300 degrees Celsius. It cannot be used in the presence of oxygen and at temperatures above 260 degrees Celsius.

Thermocouple Cables Suppliers in India offer a wide variety of Thermocouple Cables that are available with excellent insulation for better security.

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